Preservation 50 Friday: The Barefoot Mailman

Barefoot mailman statue

Statue of the Barefoot Mailman, James E. Hamilton.

Visit the Hillsboro Lighthouse on ” Barefoot Mailman Remembrance Day” on October 8. Enjoy a scenic boat ride and learn about James E. Hamilton who gave his life delivering mail.

A statue on the lighthouse grounds honors Hamilton who moved from Kentucky to Florida. He traded being a farmer for a career as a Barefoot Mailman. As often is the case, the grass was not greener in his new career. He went missing during one of his 68 mile routes.

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Beach Erosion Threatens Hillsboro Lighthouse

Hillsboro Lighthouse

Hillsboro Lighthouse copyrighted Elaine Make Austin.

Hillsboro Lighthouse has the strongest beam of all the lighthouses in the United States. It has stood as guardian over Hillsboro Inlet for 109 years.

Now this unique lighthouse is imperiled. The landmass around the lighthouse has eroded away. The Hillsboro Lighthouse Preservation Society is seeking restoration of landmass and construction of a permanent barrier to prevent further land loss. The society is hoping to get a grant from the Coastal Partnership Initiative of the Florida Coastal Management Program. If you would like to help, visit