Oasis at Martha’s Vineyard

East Chop Lighthouse

East Chop Lighthouse appears to be floating in water. I guess my subconscious took over in this rendition.

Thirsty! After a scenic 2 mile trek, I was happy to see benches at the East Chop Lighthouse. I grabbed a bottle of water to quench my thirst and sized up my second lighthouse.

It reminded me of the Edgartown Lighthouse. Still… I noticed subtle differences in the iron works on the rail. This lighthouse was on a high cliff unlike the Edgartown Lighthouse.

Edgartown was a plush resort area, East Chop was located in an upscale residential area.

On the way, the bus passed nearby Oak Bluffs which appeared to be the heart of the island’s commerce.

I finished my sketch, and I began my walk back. I stopped to talk to another artist and hurriedly made my way to the bus stop.

Two more lighthouses to go and it was only noon. I was on schedule or so I thought…