Preservation 50 Friday: Southern Fried Rock at St. Simons Lighthouse

St. Simons Lighthouse, Georgia.

St. Simons Lighthouse, Georgia.

Enjoy a “Little Light Music” at the St. Simons Lighthouse, Georgia. Billed as Southern fried rock and boogie, the “Island Garage Band” jams on Sunday, August 14 at 7 pm.

Concert goers are invited to picnic and relax under the stars while celebrating an evening of music. Individual tickets for the concert are only $12 per person at the gate. Children under 12 and Keepers of the Light are admitted free. A Little Light Music season runs May through September.

For more information, call 912-634-7090 or visit


Preservation 50 Friday: Sunset at St. Simons Island

St Simons Island Lighthouse

St. Simons Island Lighthouse, GA.

Driving along the Georgia coast, I was headed to St. Simons Island. Having already visited Tybee Island Lighthouse, I was excited about finishing the day with one final lighthouse. Having received faulty information from my auto club, I stopped by the Golden Isles Welcome Center on I95.

I listened half heartily to the directions figuring I could easily find it based on a previous visit. After ending up at Jekyll Island and Sea Island, I laughed at my misadventure and poor memory.

Puzzled about want to do, I remembered Google maps on my phone. Keying in my destination, I was guided effortlessly to the lighthouse.

A view of the ocean

A walkway nearby offers a tranquil view of the Atlantic.

Although the lighthouse was closed, I was delighted to be able to walk the grounds. Stopping on the walkway near the ocean I gazed into the distance. I walked around the lighthouse trying to decide on the best vantage point for my painting.

Lighthouse signage

A marker with the history of the lighthouse.

A little tired after a long day, I welcomed the chance to sit down and draw the lighthouse. As the sun was setting, a blaze of light bounced off the lighthouse. It seemed to refresh the lighthouse and me. For now the lighthouse was receiving light instead of giving it.

Preservation 50 Friday: Tybee Island Light Getaway

Tybee Island Light Station

Tybee Island Light Station

I bypassed Savannah and headed to the coast for a visit to the Tybee Island Light Station. Tybee Island is a quaint beach town with locally owned businesses and a peaceful shoreline.


Stairwell inside Tybee Island Light Station.

Built in 1867, the present-day lighthouse is the fourth lighthouse constructed. War and weather led to the demise of the previous lighthouses. The current lighthouse was constructed using part of the third lighthouse as its foundation.

View of the coast.

View of the coast.

Along with the lighthouse there are several dwellings that offer insight into the lives of lightkeepers. Visit the homes of lightkeepers and see how they lived. Watch a short film and view signage with detailed information on the Tybee Island Lighthouse. Enjoy a breathtaking view from the lighthouse to complete your visit.
America’s Atlantic Coast Lighthouses by Jeremy D’Entremont

Preservation 50 Friday: Missing the Point

Grosse Point Lighthouse

Grosse Point Lighthouse, Evanston, Illinois.

Looking at a map of Evanston, Illinois, I was surprised not to see anything about the Grosse Point Lighthouse. It was within walking distance of the center of downtown so the omission puzzled me.

Evanston was once called Grosse Point. It really seemed ironic that part of its history would be overlooked.


Built in 1783, the Grosse Point Lighthouse is a National Historic Landmark. It was built by the United States Government as the lead lighthouse marking the approach to Chicago after several shipwrecks.

A view of Lake Michigan

A view of Lake Michigan from the Lighthouse Wildflower Garden.

On March 1, 1874 traditionally the start of the Great Lakes shipping season, Grosse Point Lighthouse sent its welcome beacon of light over the waters of Lake Michigan for the first time.


Heavenly Lighthouse


Ponce de Leon Lighthouse

Florida’s tallest: Ponce de Leon Inlet Lighthouse.

A halo surrounds this lighthouse as its ascends to the heavens. Florida’s magnificent and tallest lighthouse—Ponce de Leon Inlet Lighthouse.

Preservation 50 Friday: Discover Ponce de Leon Lighthouse

Florida's tallest lighthouse.

Florida’s tallest lighthouse.

Ponce de Leon Lighthouse is the second tallest lighthouse in the United States. It guards the treacherous waters off the east coast of Florida. Located 10 miles south of Daytona Beach, this lighthouse offers much to explore.

Fresnel Lens on display.

Fresnel Lens on display.

The campus has a visitor’s center, Keeper’s house and dwellings, museum and lens exhibit. The lighthouse museum features exhibits on the United States Lighthouse Service. The Ayers Davies Lens Exhibit Building houses one of the finest collections of restored Fresnel Lens in the world.

A view from the lighthouse.

A view from Ponce de Leon Lighthouse.

On Memorial Day,  the Ponce de Leon Lighthouse honors service personnel with free admission. For more details, visit

Preservation 50 Friday: A Beacon Of Light at Big Diamond

Hillsboro lighthouse

Hillsboro Lighthouse Inlet at Pompano Beach.

Preserving lighthouses is an ongoing pursuit. Because of erosion and the hazards of being near the ocean, the demands, upkeep, and costs of preserving lighthouses can be quite large. While the United States Coast Guard (USCG) oversees many lighthouses, it is often the Lighthouse association that rally the public to help with the preservation of lighthouses.

Since its inception in 1997, the Hillsboro Lighthouse Preservation Society (HLPS) has worked closely with the USCG and Coast Guard Auxiliary with the aim of preserving the Hillsboro Lighthouse in Pompano Beach. The HLPS has successfully repaired and restored the Lighthouse’s original Fresnel Len. HLPS also was responsible for the reactivation of the lighthouse. Today, the HLPS is working to combat beach erosion that threatens Hillsboro lighthouse or “Big Diamond” as the locals refer to it.

For more information on how to help preserve the Hillsboro Lighthouse or join HLPS, visit