TGIF: Sea Fest for kids at Jupiter Lighthouse

Jupiter Inlet Lighthouse

Jupiter Inlet Lighthouse near Palm Beach, Florida.

Nestled high on a peak, Jupiter Inlet Lighthouse stands guard over the Loxahatchee River and Atlantic Ocean. Jupiter Inlet Lighthouse is just a few miles away from Palm Beach, Florida. Listed on the National Register of Historic Places with 120 acres, this lighthouse has much to explore.

View from the lighthouse

The view is well worth climbing Jupiter Inlet Lighthouse.

Jupiter Lighthouse opens it doors to kids and their families tomorrow, February 25 for its annual celebration, Sea Fest. Kids can climb aboard a Pirate Ship and meet a pirate and mermaid. Themed educational events and exciting adventures will thrill the entire family.

For more information, call 561-747-8380 or visit


TGIF: Jupiter Sunset Tour on Dec. 28

Jupiter Inlet Lighthouse.

Jupiter Inlet Lighthouse.

See a spectacular sunset view and witness the Jupiter Light illuminating the night. Learn about the nuts and bolts of a working lighthouse watch room. Tour is approximately 75 minutes and includes climbing the lighthouse. Children must be at least 48″ to climb the tower. The cost is $20 for non members. RSVP required.

For more information, visit or call 561-747-8380.

Sunset Tour at Jupiter Lighthouse

Jupiter Inlet Lighthouse.

Jupiter Inlet Lighthouse copyright by Elaine Marie Austin.

Enjoy spectacular views and watch the Jupiter Light blaze the night sky. Learn the nuts and bolts of a working lighthouse watchroom. Tour is approx 75 minutes, $15 members, $20 nonmembers, RSVP required. Tours are weather permitting. For details visit or call 561-747-8380.

Wild and Scenic Film Fest

Jupiter Inlet Lighthouse.

Jupiter Inlet Lighthouse copyright by Elaine Marie Austin.

Watch “Wild and Scenic” short films on the big screen on the Jupiter Inlet Lighthouse waterfront. Jupiter Lighthouse hosts the largest environment film festival in North America on April 9 from 6-9 pm. Purchase food and beverage while supporting Jupiter Inlet Lighthouse and Museum. Enjoy a night of live music under the stars. Admission is only $10. All proceeds benefit the Lighthouse.

For more information, visit

Mix up at Martha’s Vineyard

West Chop Lighthouse

West Chop Lighthouse

When someone asked the bus driver a question, he looked at a sign to see what bus he was driving before he gave out information. This should have been a clue not to ask him anything. Still I asked where to catch the return bus before getting off at the West Chop lighthouse. The next bus would be back one and a half later. I was on a tight schedule and had one more lighthouse to do. If I stayed on schedule, I would have time for dinner before sketching the last lighthouse.

West Chop lighthouse was on private property so I stood outside the fence to draw. I drew the Jupiter Lighthouse in the parking lot so this was no big deal.

After I finished drawing the lighthouse and I waited for bus where I was told to stand. As the bus passed nearby I realized I had been given faulty information. After venting with the transit authority, I decided to sit on the beach and enjoy the view. Relaxed I watched the waves and realized this was the only leisurely time I would have at a Vineyard beach. I even put my foot in the 50 degree water. What was I thinking??


jupiter inlet lighthouse

Jupiter Inlet Lighthouse


“…and the cow jumped over the moon.” After ascending cascading steps, the entrance to this lighthouse beckons with more daunting steps. Perched on a hill, you’ll be awarded with a breathtaking view of the ocean.

Hidden Light

Jupiter inlet lighthouse.

Jupiter Inlet Lighthouse.

Lighthouses tend to recall the idyllic and simple days of the past. However, some lighthouses are guarded by the Department of Homeland Security and require persistence to get a close glance. That was the case with Jupiter Inlet Lighthouse.

My first painting was of Amelia Island Lighthouse located in Northern Florida. There was not even a sign nearby to indicate where the Lighthouse was. However, I was able to spend a few hours painting on the grounds on a sunny day.

My second painting was at the beautiful Bill Baggs Cape Florida State Park where I casually painted the Cape Florida Lighthouse. Located on Key Biscayne, this park remains true to the vision and legacy of its founder William Calhoun Baggs. He was the editor of the Miami News for 1956-1969 who dreamed of a beautiful public park in this billionaire playground. I spoke with the Park Services Specialist, Art, who provided insight and helpful information on the park.