Casting out Fear

A cubist painting of the Crooked River Lighthouse.

This cubist painting of Crooked River Lighthouse is a style which the Nazis banned.

Completed in 1895, Crooked River Lighthouse is located near the site of Camp Jordan Training Center. Amphibious exercises were held at the camp during World War II. Recalling Hitler’s suppression of artists, I felt unparalleled freedom and vindication as I painted Crooked River Lighthouse. No longer afraid to try something new, I experimented with cubism a style Hitler banned and abhorred. Like the allies who freed the world from tyranny, we must cast out self imposed fears and inhibitions to be all that we were created to be. 



Everybody but the Coast Guard 

Hillsboro Lighthouse

Hillsboro Lighthouse in Florida is manned by the Coast Guard.

The Coast Guard is the only branch of the military that is not being paid during the government shut down. They save lives and help those at peril on the high seas. Now their lives are in peril.

The Quiet Before the Storm

Perched high on a cliff, East Chop Lighthouse is located in a quiet residential area. Surrounded by a grassy area with a picket fence and benches, the idyllic setting belies its noble purpose. The perils offshore inspired a mariner to raise money to privately build the lighthous in 1869.

Take Time To Pause

I love lighthouses but some more than others. Old Brant Point Lighthouse has no lens. Maybe this is why it connected with my artistic soul. I noticed that most people passed by this lighthouse on the way to see Brant Point Lighthouse a few steps away.

They only paused to look at the old lighthouse when they saw me drawing it. When they paused, I felt like I had achieved my purpose. That is really why I paint lighthouses. I want to offer people a moment to reflect and pause. It is in those moments that we can rediscover ourselves and the world around us. 

The Coast is Clear

Picture of Amelia Island Lighthouse.

Amelia Island Lighthouse is Florida’s oldest lighthouse.

The “Coast is Clear” for a new breathtaking look at my lighthouse paintings. I’m celebrating the relaunch of my website with a holiday sale. I’ve made my site easier to navigate. I relaunched it after finishing a series of businesses classes. 

Picture of Trinity Ligghtship.

Trinity Lightship is located at Trinity Buoy Wharf in London, UK.

I enrolled in SCORE’s (Service Corps of Retired Executives) free workshops on “Marketing Your Business.” I also took SCORE’s workshops on “Defining Your Target” and “Increasing Profitability.” Today I just completed the class “Selling Items Online” conducted by my local library. Besides the relaunching of my website, I look forward to implementing what I’ve learned and enhancing my community. What an exciting way to end the year! 

Golden Memories for the holidays

Flagler Memorial Church in St. Augustine, Florida

My painting “Golden Memories. “

Recognized as one of the 20 most beautiful churches in America, Flagler Memorial Church lives up to its reputation. Located in St. Augustine, Florida the church was built by Standard Oil magnate Henry Flagler. It was constructed in 1889 in honor of Flagler’s daughter who died in childbirth. The Tiffany-style stained glass adorns this magnificent edifice. 

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Charting a new course in London

I traveled to Trinity Buoy Wharf to sketch London’s only lighthouse, Bow Creek or Trinity Lighthouse, a day before my visit to see the paintings of JMW Turner in the Tate Museum in London. I admire the art of Turner and was excited about my upcoming visit to the Tate Museum. There was much to see-Turner bequeathed over 300 paintings to museum.

But first I was headed to the lighthouse. As we got off the Tube, we followed the directional signs to Trinity Buoy Wharf. Once there, we happened upon a lightship, in addition to the lighthouse. Two light vessels at one stop! Amazed, I hurriedly sketched the lighthouse. As the wind flipped the pages, I quickly sketched the lightship while my daughter took shelter in a nearby restaurant.

As I sketched the lightship, I thought about Turner and pondered how I could pay tribute to him. Pausing for moment, I became spellbound by the lightship that was now converted into a studio. It seemed pregnant with stories of its past.

Back in the United States, I looked at my yellow foreground and became inspired when I read how much Turner used yellow. According to the book How to Paint like Turner, “Some of Turner’s most daring and experimental innovations centered around his use of yellow. It seems to have been his favorite color and he used it liberally…For more than thirty years his use of yellow became one of the most frequently mentioned aspects of his art, with critics variously accusing him of ‘yellow fever’…”