First the rats, then the roaches, then the artists 

I heard this quote from a fellow artist. He bemoaned the way development often happens. Once artists stake out an area, it is not long after that developers move in and raze the area and build new expensive buildings. High rents eventfully force artists out. Then cycle then begins someplace else. This is what happened at South Beach in Florida. It took the Art Deco movement to bring some sense to the haphazard destruction of buildings. Artists are indeed a breed of forerunners and visionaries. 

The restored Coral Rock House.

Coral Rock House, another building saved from demolition by the Miami Design Preservation League.

Sign rallies the community to save a building

Miami Beach community is rallied to save a historic building.

Visionaries like Leonardo Da Vinci imagined and drew air vehicles centuries before the Wright brothers flew the first plane. Baroque artists understood the power of light long before Edison discovered the light bulb. I feel art should continue to heighten public consciousness. 

Blackhead Lighthouse now serves as a Bed and Breakfast Inn.

Blackhead Lighthouse now serves as a Bed and Breakfast Inn.

My vision is to educate and excite people about lighthouses. I want promote the preservation of lighthouses and other landmarks for the enjoyment and benefit of present and future generations. 

The Eiffel Tower.

The Eiffel Tower in Paris.

Big Ben in London.

Big Ben in London.

The Washington Monument.

The Washington Monument in Washington DC.

The Lincoln Monument exemplifies how landmarks tell our Nation’s story and exemplify who we are as a Nation. What is Paris without the Eiffel Tower? My personal inspiration is Barbara Capitman who founded the Miami Design Presehard work and vision, Miami Art Deco District became the first 20th neighborhood on the National Register of Historic Places. The Miami ArtHistoric District is the second most visited place in Florida

One person can make a difference. It only takes one person to light candle for others to see. First the rats, then the riches, then the artists…


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