TGIF Travels: Ponce Lighthouse Holiday Event

Ponce de Leon Lighthouse

Florida’s tallest: Ponce de Leon Inlet Lighthouse.

Celebrate the Christmas season at the Winter Holiday Event on December 26 at the closest lighthouse to Orlando. A day of family activities and more await you.

Nestled in Ponce de Leon inlet, Florida’s tallest lighthouse quietly beckons you to a day of adventure. Ponce de Leon Lighthouse stands head and shoulders above Florida’s lighthouses in statue and possibly in what it offers the casual visitor. This large campus has so much in store.

Enjoy a warm introduction to the lighthouse at the Woodshed Video Theater. Firewood and other supplies were kept in this building by the Second Assistant Keeper’s family.

Explore the original Keepers dwellings. See exhibits on the lives of the keepers and their families. Race fans will revel in the exhibits on Beach racing.

View an amazing collection of lighthouse lens. The magnificent rotating first order Fresnel lens from Cape Canaveral Lighthouse is on display here.

Brace yourself for a spectacular view as you scale Florida’s tallest lighthouse.

For more information, visit


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