History Comes Alive at King John’s Castle

King John's Castle

King John’s Castle.

In the tale of Robin Hood, I learned about King Richard’s brother King John who usurped the throne and the crown. At King John’s Castle In Limerick, Ireland; I learned about the invasion of the Vikings and the English. I visited interactive displays that brought the castle to life. The castle took decades to build before being completed in 1212. Inside the castle are archeological remains of buildings and structures dating back to the time of the Vikings.

Courtyard of the castle.

Courtyard of the castle.

I discovered that the Gaelic Society in early medieval Ireland had craftspeople and monasteries full of great thinkers and theologians who were esteemed throughout Europe. When the Normans invaded Ireland in 1169, they intermarried and adopted local customs.

During British rule, tension was created when Henry VIII broke away from the Catholic Church because he wanted a divorce. The persecution of Catholics led to widespread violence.
The castle was living timeline that further explained the culture and the history behind the formation of the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland.





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