Preservation 50 Friday: Making History in St. Augustine

Painting of st. Augustine lighthouse.

St. Augustine Lighthouse copyright Elaine Marie.

The old adage “I couldn’t see the forest for the trees” applies to my outing at the St. Augustine Lighthouse. I struggled to get a clear view of this lighthouse. It stood surrounded by a canopy of trees.

I had been forced to draw lighthouses in the parking lot before but now on the grounds I was too close to be objective. This applied in many ways.

I had visited St. Augustine Lighthouse many times over the years. I also had a painting of the Lighthouse by another artist in my home. Now it was my turn to paint, what would I say? How could I capture it?

The city of St. Augustine is steep in history and tradition. Within the tradition, there are numerous stories of ghosts and mysterious happenings, as well. Thinking about all this I decided to capture its mystery and strong tradition.

Unlike the other lighthouses, its huge base dominates the lighthouse as much as the contrasting daymark. With this in mind, I began painting the St. Augustine.


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