Celebrate Biscayne Bay

Cape Florida Lighthouse.

Cape Florida Lighthouse at Bill Baggs Cape Florida State Park.

I read an editorial in Coastal Living Magazine with the motto ” find something to celebrate everyday.” It implied celebrating nature promotes longevity and nourishes your soul.


Last Saturday, I found spiritual nourishment while helping with restoration efforts at Bill Baggs Cape Florida State Park. It is the home of one my favorite lighthouses, Cape Florida.  I joined a Park Ranger and volunteers at the State Park for Baynanza.

A truck at the park.

A truck load from one of the areas cleared during Baynanza.

Baynanza culminates month-long environmental festivities in Miami. Baynanza harnesses the energy of thousands of volunteers to clean up several parks and areas near Biscayne Bay.

Trash collected during Baynanza.

Some of the trash collected during Baynanza.

Biscayne Bay is the largest estuary on the coast of southeast Florida. It is the home of the Port of Miami, one of the largest commercial and passenger port of calls in the world. Biscayne Bay is also a part of a large ecosystem that flows directly from the Florida Everglades.

A view of the bay from the park.

A view of Biscayne Bay from Bill Baggs Cape Florida State Park.

Biscayne Bay like most estuaries faces many challenges. Keeping the Bay ecologically heathy while meeting the needs of a growing community is a major concern. Events like Baynanza educate and involve the community in addressing these challenges.

For more information on Biscayne Bay visit, http://www.discoverbiscaynebay.org.


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