Arts and Hospitality Breakfast on March 31

Art by Barkley Hendricks.

Artwork by Barkley Hendricks and other artists at “Art Basel” draw over 50,000 people to Miami.

With a theme, the “Arts Means Business,” this event celebrates the impact of the billion dollar Arts industry in Miami.

Art Deco weekend.

Thousands of people come to “Art Deco Weekend” each year.

Last year I attended the Arts and Hospitality Breakfast in Miami. There were lots of movers and shakers in the Hospitality and Arts industry at the breakfast in the Intercontinental Hotel. I met with the Director of Public Relations and Marketing from the Intercontinental Hotel who discussed opportunities for artists. Since the Intercontinental’s niche was digital media not visual art, I forwarded this information to someone I had met at the Art Institute.

The Intercontinental Hotel in downtown Miami.

The Intercontinental Hotel in downtown Miami.

Artists attending this event should be prepared to pitch specific projects that benefit the business they are approaching. However, this is challenging because participants are not listed in advance. At the event there is a formal networking meet and greet. However, it would be more advantageous for artists if  they could have a table to promote their business.

Wynwood Walls

Wynwood Arts District is a popular destination for tourists.

Last year the focus was more on past projects and projects in the works than on detailed opportunities for artists. While I was able to meet many Arts leaders and Hospitality Execs and gain insight into the industry, it did not generate any relevant opportunities for me as a visual artist. After the event I emailed the organizer and arranged a meeting for the museum I was working for. As an arts advocate, I was happy to advance the cause of others.


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