Should BP Stop Pumping Money into the Arts?

Self portrait of Turner.

Self portrait of JMW Turner at Tate Britain.

British Petroleum will end its sponsorship of Tate Museums in London. Activists are applauding the end of the relationship. Its seems like a “catch 22” situation. Corporations who don’t give to back to the community are called greedy and insensitive.

Death of a Pale Horse.

Death of a Pale Horse by Turner.

Not sure I agree with the environmentalists on this one. I visited the Tate Britain Museum which offers free admission. How will this impact the museum’s ability to offer free admission to the public?

Waves breaking on a Shore.

Waves Breaking on a Shore by Turner.

Tate Britain has a large collection of paintings by JMW Turner. Britain’s greatest artist bequeathed over 300 of his paintings with the stipulation that they be exhibited for free.

Oil blackened waters of Mississippi.

The oil blackened Gulf in Biloxi, Mississippi.

I understand the outrage over the Gulf Coast Oil Spill. I’ve visited Mississippi and I’m from Florida so I’ve seen the impact. I’m just not sure how this really makes sense to penalize Cultural Institutions.


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