South Beach Faux


A birds eye view of South Beach.

A birds eye view of South Beach.

Red and white beach umbrellas dot the beach.
Peppermint lollipops.
The sweetness refreshes my heart.

The Shelborne Hotel peeps nearby.
Emerging like a page from my coloring book.

The Shelbourne Hotel.

The Shelborne Hotel.

Forecasters called for rain.

Clouds give way to a burst of sunlight.
A pleasant breeze cools the heat.

Fond and sad memories of beach days gone-by.
Tears and laughter.

Like now, a mixture of clouds and sunshine.

… “The LORD has His way in the whirlwind and the storm. The clouds are the dust of His feet.”
Nahum 1:3



Arts and Hospitality Breakfast on March 31

Art by Barkley Hendricks.

Artwork by Barkley Hendricks and other artists at “Art Basel” draw over 50,000 people to Miami.

With a theme, the “Arts Means Business,” this event celebrates the impact of the billion dollar Arts industry in Miami.

Art Deco weekend.

Thousands of people come to “Art Deco Weekend” each year.

Last year I attended the Arts and Hospitality Breakfast in Miami. There were lots of movers and shakers in the Hospitality and Arts industry at the breakfast in the Intercontinental Hotel. I met with the Director of Public Relations and Marketing from the Intercontinental Hotel who discussed opportunities for artists. Since the Intercontinental’s niche was digital media not visual art, I forwarded this information to someone I had met at the Art Institute.

The Intercontinental Hotel in downtown Miami.

The Intercontinental Hotel in downtown Miami.

Artists attending this event should be prepared to pitch specific projects that benefit the business they are approaching. However, this is challenging because participants are not listed in advance. At the event there is a formal networking meet and greet. However, it would be more advantageous for artists if  they could have a table to promote their business.

Wynwood Walls

Wynwood Arts District is a popular destination for tourists.

Last year the focus was more on past projects and projects in the works than on detailed opportunities for artists. While I was able to meet many Arts leaders and Hospitality Execs and gain insight into the industry, it did not generate any relevant opportunities for me as a visual artist. After the event I emailed the organizer and arranged a meeting for the museum I was working for. As an arts advocate, I was happy to advance the cause of others.

Art and Appetite in Miami

Art at Wynwood. Kitchen and Bar

Art at Wynwood Kitchen and Bar.

Miami’s Wynwood Arts District boasts lots of art and good food. I wanted to check out a cool restaurant during Springbreak with my daughter.

Wynwood Kitchen and Bar

Wynwood Kitchen and Bar.

So we grabbed a quick bite at Wynwood Kitchen and Bar during Happy Hour. We opted to eat inside because it was a balmy day. Diners outside enjoyed views of Street Art with their food. The outside area faces Wynwood Walls.

Outside Wynwood Kitchen and Bar.

Outside Wynwood Kitchen and Bar.

Wynwood Kitchen has an eclectic Latin American menu with quite a few items to choose from. I had Chilled Corn Bisque. I first discovered this cold soup recently in Spain. I bypassed it there because of the frigid weather.

Chilled Corn Bisque.

Chilled Corn Bisque.

Now with warmer weather, I wanted to try this cold soup. The bisque was delicious and appetizing. The ingredients were roasted corn, chive oil, creme fraiche and micro cilantro. I had multigrain bread on the side. My daughter had a delightful serving of calamari.

Wynwood Walls

Wynwood Walls in Miami.

After dinner we looked at the Street Art in Wynwood Walls. We also visited the Studio Gallery of Pop Artist Peter Tunney.

Pop art by Peter Tunney

Pop Art by Peter Tunney.

Lots of people and kids were out and about. Wynwood is great for cheap dates and family outings. In addition to great restaurants Wynwood has plenty of food trucks for all.

Cape Canaveral Lighthouse Reopens to the Public


After the terrorists attack of 9/11, budget cuts and sequestration, the Cape Canaveral Lighthouse closed to the public. In January, the lighthouse reopened for three hour tours on Fridays and Saturdays for $27. The tours include the lighthouse,  the Air Force Space and Missile History Center, two launch sites and admission to the Exploration Tower at Port Canaveral. The Cape Canaveral Lighthouse Foundation contracted with Sunward Tours for the tours.

For ticket and information call Sun Ward Tours at (321) 453/3994. You can also make your tour reservation at

Why the United States blew up a Lighthouse

The Cape Canaveral Lighthouse has faced many perils. Erosion, destruction, the Civil War 9/11, and sequestration are all parts of its story.

The current lighthouse is not the first lighthouse built on Cape Canaveral. The first lighthouse completed in 1848 was a 65 ft white conical brick tower with a keeper’s dwelling. Sailors complained that the light was too weak and too low to be seen before ships were on the reefs near the cape.

In 1850, the lighthouse was abandoned briefly because of warring Seminoles.

In 1860, a new lighthouse was approved but construction was stopped because of the Civil War. During the war, the light was darkened to evade Union forces. At the end of the war, construction resumed. The new lighthouse was situated about 80 to 90 feet from the location of the first tower.

By 1880s, fears of erosion caused the lighthouse to be moved. The old lighthouse was blown up and the rubble was used to prepare a foundation for the lighthouse at its current location.

Splash and Patter in South Beach

Ocean Drive with pedestrian traffic.

Ocean Drive with pedestrian traffic.

The patter of little and large feet at South Beach begins today through March 21. The City of Miami Beach opens Ocean Drive to pedestrian only traffic. South Beach is a popular Spring break destination and the City is constantly seeking way to enhance visitor’s safety and experience. Each year Miami Beach hotels have over 35% of the tourists to Miami.

Lincoln Mall

Lincoln Mall in South Beach has pedestrian traffic year round.

Wild and Scenic Film Fest

Jupiter Inlet Lighthouse.

Jupiter Inlet Lighthouse copyright by Elaine Marie Austin.

Watch “Wild and Scenic” short films on the big screen on the Jupiter Inlet Lighthouse waterfront. Jupiter Lighthouse hosts the largest environment film festival in North America on April 9 from 6-9 pm. Purchase food and beverage while supporting Jupiter Inlet Lighthouse and Museum. Enjoy a night of live music under the stars. Admission is only $10. All proceeds benefit the Lighthouse.

For more information, visit