Walking the Plank in Madrid

Palacio de Comunicaciones

I saw a sign welcoming refugees at the Palacio de Comunicaciones.

My trip to Madrid was supposed to be a drive by.

With four days in London and one day and two halves in Madrid, I felt their would be little time to really enjoy and see Madrid. My daughter asked me to arrive on a Thursday and leave the following Thursday. She was taking business classes and had fit me in during her down time.

With so little time in Madrid, I gave more thought to my trip to London. I downloaded the app VisitaCity and planned our London trip. My son advised me to at least research Madrid. Sure that it would only frustrate me, I ignored his advise. My daughter offered to take me sightseeing in Madrid, I still said a firm no. With no plans for Madrid, I boarded the plane.

After a pleasant flight on American Airlines, I arrived at Madrid. I walked on what seemed like an endless plank and followed the crowd to customs, an elevator and caught a train to the baggage area.


I walked over to a Cabifly stand where a nice lady helped me make arrangements to catch a cab to Madrid.

I was supposed to tour the city—but I decided to rest. Later that evening we had tapas and Churros. Friday, I was refreshed and ready to catch a tour bus to see the city, visit the Museo del Prado, meet my daughter at Museo Reina Sophia then have dinner.

My daughter had classes. So she downloaded Google maps to guide me to the tour bus stop. After getting lost once, I caught the tour bus.

Museo Arquelogico

Museo Arquelogico

In the middle of the Madrid City Tour, I jumped off amazed at all the beautiful architecture.

Puerto de Alcala

I got off the bus when seeing Puerto de Alcala.

I walked through Parque del Retiro and decided to forego the Prado. Losing track of time and not checking in with my daughter, I wandered throughout the Park and city captivated by the marvels of Madrid.

Monument to King Alfonso XII.

At Parque del Retiro, I changed my plans after seeing the lake and monument to King Alfonso XII.


I left Parque del Retiro, to walk through Madrid.

I finally caught a cab to Museo Reina Sophia and waited an hour in the lobby for my daughter. She had gone into the museum and wasn’t happy to find my in the lobby. Worried because I hadn’t checked in, I think she would have asked me to walk a plank if she could have.


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