“Turning” Point at the Tate Britain Museum

Self portrait of Turner.

Y Self portrait of JMW Turner.

I admire the works of JMW Turner a romantic artist who is known as Britain’s greatest artist. I had seen the movie “Mr. Turner” and was thrilled now to be in London where his works were exhibited in the Tate Britain Museum. There are other artists in the Tate Britain but it was only Turner who I wanted to see.

As I entered the museum, I asked about the Turner paintings. Walking toward the gallery, I was hoping the paintings would not be a disappointment. Thankfully, I was overwhelmed by breadth of the exhibit. It was like taking a walk with a mentor and learning what inspired him. Each group of paintings captured a phase in his life and gave me a clearer understanding of my life as an artist.

Turner's sketchbook.

Seeing Turner’s sketchbook was very moving for me. When an artist shares his skektch he is sharing his heart. It reminded me of my sketchbook.

For most of my life, I had struggled with my calling as an artist. Coming from a family of mathematicians and scientists, I was never truly understood or appreciated as a child. At the Turner exhibit, I finally found self acceptance and inner peace as I strolled through his life.

Turner had the support of a loving father and excelled early as an artist. He won many accolades throughout his life. Turner would sometimes finish a painting while it was hanging moments just before an exhibit opened to the amazement of fellow artists.

Chichester Canal.

Chichester Canal.

Turner loved the ocean and captured it eloquently. He unleashed the fury and power of the ocean in his paintings.

Waves breaking on a Shore.

Waves Breaking on a Shore.

His art revealed life with all its sorrows and emotions. Turner felt deeply about life and it is reflected in his paintings. He did not paint as a spectator.

Death of a Pale Horse.

Death of a Pale Horse.

He was not afraid of controversy. He faced criticism as his paintings became more expressive and less representational. He continued to challenge societal norms and himself throughout his life. He left an indelible mark on Great Britain and me. Here’s to Turner! Britain’s greatest artist.





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