Mayhem at Madrid

A view of Madrid, Spain

A view of Madrid, Spain.

My preparation for my art trip to Madrid began three years ago. But I didn’t know it. I took a free Spanish Business class for three months. A few weeks after the class, I could hardly remember a thing. I laughed, I probably won’t need Spanish anyway.

Three years later the joke was on me. As I finished packing for my trip, my anxiety choked my enthusiasm as I thought of arriving at the Madrid airport. The small voice in my devotion said “God travels with you and God will go before you. ” It tried in vain to silence the noise in my head.

After enjoying an incredible flight on American Airlines while reclining in my seat (because the seat next to me was vacant) I felt reassured that everything would be okay.

When I arrived in Madrid the airport was quiet and not frantic as I imagined. In the baggage claim area Cabifly was there was doing a ride promotion. Realizing it was a godsend, I walked over to the table. When the lady spoke in English and said she would order the ride and escort me to the cab, I said a prayer of thanks out loud. She even said she was happy to help. Not sure who was happier her or me, I gave her a hug.” God travels with me,” I thought. The “Mayhem at Madrid” was all in my mind.


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