London: Touched by an Angel

The Tower Bridge of London.

The Tower Bridge of London.

I heard that London was pricey so I knew the hotels would be in the New York range. In Paris, I stayed in mediocre hotels because I traveled with a group. Traveling with my daughter, I thought I had more leverage in selecting a quality hotel.

When an angel awoke me at 3 am, I began searching for hotels. It was then that I spotted the Nadler Victoria in Westminster. Forty five travelers on Tripadvisor had given it a thumbs up and it was rated number five out of over a thousand hotels in London. The price was lower than other hotels so I booked a room.

My excitement subsided when my daughter disagreed with my choice. She argued we could find a cheaper hotel. I countered “Have you ever seen 45 people agree on anything?” Undaunted she persisted in looking elsewhere.. Disappointed, I agreed to let her look elsewhere if she could find a similar hotel with the same or better ratings. She sent me several options in other localities. “But look at the distance,” I asked. “When you consider that and the final price it’s really not that much of a difference.” This discussion went on for a little more than a week.

Finally the stalemate broke when the Nadler had a 30% off sale on prepaid rooms. She rebooked the room at the lower rate and we were all set.

As we departed the Stansted London airport, my daughter quipped “I’m really looking forward to the hotel.”


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