A Place in the sun for everyone

South Beach

A day in the sun at Miami Beach.

Miami Beach is now the second most visited place in Florida next to Orlando. Tourists flock here for the world renown beaches, Art Deco district and fabulous weather.

Behind the glitz and glamour of its high rises, Miami Beach battles with a high homeless population. Miami is the largest metropolitan city with the highest poverty level in the United States. Talk about income inequality!

Barbara Capitman fought income inequality years before it became trendy.

Capitman looked beyond her personal sorrows and sought to improve the lives of impoverished seniors on the beach.

She had lost her spouse two years after moving to Miami Beach. Instead of wallowing in self pity and isolation, she created a movement of preservationists in Miami Beach.

Art Deco weekend is the second weekend in January.

Art Deco weekend is the second weekend in January.

Still in was in her fifties, Capitman rallied the media and the public to save the iconic buildings the seniors lived in. It was no small task. Developers wanted to raze the buildings and build more condos for the super rich.

Capitman’s cry fell on deaf ears and closed hearts. Miami Beach, Florida is where often the mighty dollar instead common sense reigns. Her idea to preserve run downed buildings was laughable to city officials and developers at the time.

Yet her movement prevailed because she was passionate about preservation and fought the status quo.

Studio Apartments in Miami Beach.

My painting of the Studio Apartments in Miami Beach.

Because of her efforts and vision Miami Beach is also on the National Register of Historic Places.


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