The Buck Stops Here

Art Deco Coloring book

Buy Splash and Color on sale on Etsy.

My Etsy Artflorida bookstore is now open! What a surprise I felt when I received the congratulatory  email from Etsy.

Doubtful it would open after many tries with Amazon, I had shrugged  my emotional shoulders and given up. If it don’t fit don’t force it I told my son. Something I would have never told him as a child. At one time in my life I wondered if my persistence was a disguise for stubbornness. But now I sometimes give up without a thought or fight. Sometimes God closes doors I reason. But I wonder if it is just an excuse and not predestination.

I recently asked my daughter why she and her siblings are so dogged about everything. Whenever I ask them to do something they dig their hills in until it is done. Even if I decide to change my mind they will proceed on the same course until the task is done. I could never understand it until my daughter said “Mom, you taught us never to give up.” And I thought they never listened to anything I say.


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