Revelations of a River

View of estaury

A quiet view of one of my favorite estuaries of the St. Johns River.

Looking at water calms the heart and replenishes the soul.

For me the St. John’s River is my constant companion and a source of inner peace. This 310 mile river pulses through Jacksonville as it flows north.

Water…we need it to survive and thrive. That is very clear in drought stricken California. Environmentalists are trying to stop Nestlé from selling bottled water from drought stricken California. While I applaud their efforts, I got a chance to re-examine my own drinking habits at an exhibit for the “Year of the River.”

I learned that the salinity of the St. Johns River is increasing due to the demand for fresh water. That perils the river’s ecosystem. The river is fed partly by Florida springs.

Orlando’s thirst for more water and my habit of drinking bottled Florida spring water adds to the salinity of the river.

I pondered this at ” The Living River” exhibit by Allison Watson at The Museum of Science and History (MOSH) in Jacksonville. The artist gave a brief but informative talk on her art and the St. Johns River at the reception. Her exhibit is part of an initiative to heighten awareness of the St. Johns River.

Allison’s exhibit continues at the MOSH through November 30. MOSH is located at 1025 Museum Circle. Check out their website at the www.  To see Alison Watson’s art online, visit


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