A River that Runs North


View of estaury

A quiet view of one of my favorite estuaries in North Florida.

I grew up near the St. Johns River that passes through North Florida. It is one of the few rivers that flows north. I have visited its banks, estuaries and tributaries throughout my life.

Painting Death of Fertility.

My painting “Death of Fertility” uses my favorite estuary at Fort George Island as a backdrop.

I have often portrayed it in many of my paintings.

When I wrote a poem about the state of Florida, I paid tribute to the St. Johns River.

As a Jacksonville native, I have often taken access to the St. Johns River for granted. Now I realize how my exposure to the St. Johns River during childhood has shaped my life and impacted my art.

So I was surprised to learn from the Times Union that many poor children in Jacksonville have never explored the St. Johns River.

A program funded by the St. Johns River Keeper, the federal government and CSX Corp. now offers these students a chance to learn about the river’s ecosystem.

The program provides hands on access to the river and creates future environmentally conscious citizens.


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