Bad News Bears

It’s open season on Florida black bears. After 38 years of state protection the Florida black bear was removed from the state’s endangered species list in 2012 according to the Huffington Post. That’s old news but the trend continues with reclassifications being sought for the Florida manatee and panther.

Florida’s beloved manatee who is now classified as “endangered” by the US Fish and Wildlife Service is being targeted for reclassification by business groups.

According to the Associated Press, boaters and businesses claim federal boat speed restriction harm fishing and tourism on King’s Bay, a popular manatee wintering spot.

Business groups are also targeting the Florida state animal, the panther. NPR states some officials, ranchers and hunters in the state are concerned about the increasing number of the Florida panthers. Now nearly 200 range southwest Florida.

After a decade of protecting the panther, the official state animal, state wildlife officials say they want to adopt a new policy toward the endangered panthers.

That seems to be the downward trend in Florida.


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