The Impressionists Were Right

Self portrait of van gogh

Van gogh’s self portrait is in the Art Institue of Chicago.

I just heard on the news a company is planning to launch a site like Yelp that gives reviews on people instead of businesses. It got me thinking…I wonder how many “likes” the Impressionists would have gotten?

Looking at Van gogh who only sold a couple of paintings in his life time, probably not many.

And the other Impressionists incurred the public’s wrath.

Their first exhibit was called “Salon des Refuges” or “Exhibition of the Rejects.” Society is often wrong when evaluating people as was the case with the Impressionists. The Impressionists were passionate about what they were doing and not slaves to public opinion.

They thrived on controversy which often, by the way, is a great media tool. Donald Trump can you that, if nothing else. Living one’s life for approval leads to frustration and is idolatry.

I thought about this when reading the Creative Issue of Intouch magazine. An article said that when artists focus more on applause than the Almighty it is idolatry.


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