Romantic Places

La Tour Eiffel.

La Tour Eiffel, Paris. A landmark for lovers and history buffs.

I’ve visited Rome, Italy; Paris, France and lived in Miami Beach, Florida. All romantic cities with amazing landmarks. Miami Beach has over 800 Art Deco buildings.

I’ve fallen in love with each of these cities and their historic landmarks. I’m always planning Art Trips to satisfy my passion for historic landmarks.

Yet I’m learning not to let my infatuation with the past become a hinderance. I tend to romanticize the past and lose sight of the future. It seems I am not the only one prone to do this.

I just read a devotion in the Daily Bread about two bears who were fighting. A couple asked a nearby hiker what the bears were fighting about. The hiker replied that the male bears were fighting about a female bear. When he was asked where the female bear was, he chuckled “She left about 20 minutes ago! “


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