9/11 to be continued

Memorial dedicated to member of Fire station 226 in Brooklyn.

Memorial dedicated to members of Fire Station 226 in Brooklyn, New York.


On September 11, we paused to think about the lives lost 14 years ago. Artists like Yi Yang and others desire to keep this event alive in our consciousness. Their art and memorials are efforts to preserve the memory of those who died. I saw a memorial at a Fire Station when I visited Brooklyn this summer.

I don’t know about you but every time I catch an airplane I think about 9/11. The TSA employees and X-rays at the airport are a somber reminder. As I look at the news, I am reminded that the hatred that spurred this event is still percolating in the Middle East and perhaps on our on shores.

When I go to paint a lighthouse, I am aware that the Coast Guard as a part Homeland Security often decides whether or not I will have access to a lighthouse.

West Chop Lighthouse, Martha's Vineyard.

West Chop Lighthouse, Tisbury, Martha’s Vineyard.

So many inconveniences you say. But these small inconveniences don’t compare to the tragedy of the losing a loved one.


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