Memories of Honfleur

picture of honfleur

Port of Honfleur, France.

Last year, I visited the wonderful coastal town of Honfleur in the province of Normandy in France. Honfleur is the hometown of artist Eugéne Boudin who encouraged Claude Monet to paint landscapes. Boudin also inspired Monet to paint outdoors. Boudin was one of the first landscape artists to paint outdoors.

Honfleur is located on the southern bank of an estuary on the Seine River across from the city of le Harve. During my visit, I painted the port of Honfleur and visited Sainte-Catherine Church which is the largest wood church in France.

I also visited the Musee Eugéne Boudin. I was excited to see paintings by Monet’s mentor and friend. Boudin’s father was once a harbor pilot and Boudin worked on a steamboat as a child. He drew on the depth of his knowledge of the sea to paint masterful seascapes.


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