Appetite for Art Deco

I love this building! It is Manola's former site of Friedman's Kosher Bakery.

I love this building! It is Manolo’s Restaurant former site of Friedman’s Kosher Bakery.

I am not a foodie still I decided to take the Jewish Food Walking Tour at the Miami Beach Jewish Museum Florida-FIU. I signed up online and paid the $46 fee for non members.

The tour started promptly at 11am. There were spaces for 20 people. This group consisted of four people plus the tour guide, Howard Brayer.

We sat in the prayer hall and were given an overview of Jewish history in Miami Beach. After grabbing a bottle of water, we stopped outside to view the building. Henry Houhauser was the architect of the former Beth Jacob Synagogue that now houses Jewish Museum Florida-FIU. Houhaser built over 100 hotels and apartments in Miami Beach in 5 years.

We paused a moment to pay homage at Anne Frank Park now a converted parking lot.

Falafel and Israeli salad.

Falafel and Israeli salad.

We headed for breakfast at Aroma, an Israeli coffee chain. I had apple juice and a borek pastry.

Afterwards, our guide explained the role Jewish restaurants played in the history of Miami Beach.

During the tour, we enjoyed Falafel and a Israeli salad at Pita Loca.

Then fish tacos from My Ceviche. We were served by the tour guide who sometimes doubled as a busboy! He was a pleasant host and an excellent tour guide.

As we neared the end of our tour, we stopped by Joe’s Stone Crabs for a chat. The founders of Joe’s were the first Jewish family to live in Miami Beach.

It was pointed out during the tour that for the most parts Jews at one time could not live north of 5th Street. In spite of discrimination, many Jewish entrepreneurs thrived.

Bessie's Bistro

Bessie’s Bistro at the Jewish Museum Florida-FIU.

We ended the tour on a sweet note with dessert at Bessie’s Bistro. It was named in honor of Bess Myerson the first Jewish woman to become “Miss America.”

The next Jewish Food Tour will be September 6. For more information, visit www.


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