Stressed Out Fido

Rested and Resouled

Narrative of Rested and “Resouled.”

It seems man’s best friend is stressed out. I just saw an article with tips on how to reduce your pets’ stress. The culprit is lack of quality time with their owners.

Female Millennials cry at least one night a week due to stress and overwhelming demands. Not enough time.

Kids are not immune. Today’s child is more programmed than ever. When I had my grandson for the summer all he wanted was a quiet summer. In spite my list of things to do, he just wanted to stay home. My sister said her grandkids did the same thing.

I was thinking about all this at the Jewish Museum of Florida-FIU Shavat Vayinafash: Rested and “Resouled” exhibit. The exhibit sign explained: ” A respite and a resouling- these are the essence of Shabbat. Taking a respite from time and its normative activities and finding a way to reclaim our souls, our true selves.”

When we guard our time, we are reclaiming our souls. Time is the only commodity you can’t replace.


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