Perceptions and Preservations at Miami Beach

Lessons from a plant

Lessons from a Plant (Studio Apartments by Henry Houhauser).

Two years after moving to Miami, Barbara Capitman’s husband died. Instead of packing up her bags and feeling sorry for herself she decided to make new friends and help others.

She looked at Miami Beach and saw the old boarded up buildings and the people living in them. Developers only saw the buildings and wanted to tear them. Capitman would not relent.

Because of Capitman’s personal crusade, Miami Beach’s Art Deco District is on the National Register of Historic Places.

In celebration of Rosh Hashanah, I am paying tribute to Barbara Capitman, Jewish founder of the Miami Design Preservation League.

I will be displaying two paintings of Art Deco buildings in the First Coast Pastel Society’s “Perceptions in Pastel” exhibit.

The exhibit is September 4-30. at the Jewish Community Alliance (JCA) Vandroff Gallery. The opening reception is September 13. The JCA is located at 8505 San Jose Boulevard, Jacksonville, Florida. For more information, visit


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