Mix up at Martha’s Vineyard

West Chop Lighthouse

West Chop Lighthouse

When someone asked the bus driver a question, he looked at a sign to see what bus he was driving before he gave out information. This should have been a clue not to ask him anything. Still I asked where to catch the return bus before getting off at the West Chop lighthouse. The next bus would be back one and a half later. I was on a tight schedule and had one more lighthouse to do. If I stayed on schedule, I would have time for dinner before sketching the last lighthouse.

West Chop lighthouse was on private property so I stood outside the fence to draw. I drew the Jupiter Lighthouse in the parking lot so this was no big deal.

After I finished drawing the lighthouse and I waited for bus where I was told to stand. As the bus passed nearby I realized I had been given faulty information. After venting with the transit authority, I decided to sit on the beach and enjoy the view. Relaxed I watched the waves and realized this was the only leisurely time I would have at a Vineyard beach. I even put my foot in the 50 degree water. What was I thinking??


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