Oil Company Eyes Florida Preserve

Florida Everglades

Oil and water don’t mix. Florida Everglades.

Florida has long been a popular site for tourists and developers, now oil companies are trying to cash in on the “Sunshine State.” Oil and water don’t mix but that is not stopping one oil company.

Big Cypress National Preserve is being targeted by a Texas Company looking for oil 2 miles beneath its surface. Burnett Oil of Fort Worth, Texas has been given the go ahead by Florida and the National Park Service. Currently Big Cypress wells produce 30,000 barrels a month. Burnett Oil states the survey will be conducted with “great care.” As Matthew Schwartz of the South Florida Wildlife Association states “there’s a limit to how Eco friendly you can make an oil well.”

The National Park Service believes that the environmental impact will be minimal. For some reason the Government is always an optimist when it comes to oil companies. I guess that is why they are still getting oil subsidies in spite of record profits.

Protecting Big Cypress swampland is key to the preservation of the Florida Everglades and Florida wildlife. Big Cypress is a national preserve that provides water to the Florida Everglades.


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