Sights and Sounds

Pensacola Lighthouse copyrighted by Elaine Marie.

Pensacola Lighthouse copyrighted by Elaine Marie.

I was excited about visiting the Pensacola Lighthouse at Naval Air Station Pensacola. I donned my tennis shoes and gathered my sketch pad.

After spending a few days disheartened by the oil blackened water in Mississippi, I anticipated seeing the pristine beaches of the Florida panhandle. I also made a mental note to write my Congressman about banishing oil exploration off the coast of Florida. There’s still six to 10 million gallons of oil left from the BP oil spill to reckon with according to

We entered NAS Pensacola after going through security. The guard was cordial and gave us directions.

The Pensacola Lighthouse overlooks the Gulf of Mexico and is across the street from the Naval Aviation Museum.

The azure ocean and soaring Blue Angels made for an awe-inspiring day. I stood spell-bound as I watched the Blue Angels perform different flight formations. It had been years since I had seen them. I gaped my mouth looking up into the sky. It made me proud as an American and renewed my profound appreciation for our military servicemen.

The Blue Angels are a precision team worth seeing. I was happy I had visited during their practice drills. Since the lighthouse tower was closed, I spent the morning admiring the Blue Angels and drawing. The sights and sounds of the day were spectacular.


2 thoughts on “Sights and Sounds

  1. Hello Elaine, it was great running into you at Target in Jacksonville. I hope we can work together on a show. Please let me know if this is a possibility. Thanks

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