The Coast is Clear: Gay Head Cliffs


My mind was foggy. I knew I needed quiet time—distractions clouded my thoughts. I couldn’t hear from God.

I read a devotion on “Simplicity” and made an effort to stop procrastinating. That got rid of some of the mental clutter. In the mail, I got Dr. Stanley’s “30 Life Principles” booklet. I didn’t request it so I felt God nudging me. As I read Psalm 139, the mental fog lifted.

I was reminded of my travels as I read “if I ascend to heaven, You are there…if I take the wings of heaven, dwell in the uttermosts parts of the sea; even there shall You lead me and give me
strength . ” I recalled Gay Head Cliffs. I felt like I had ascended into God’s presence when I visited there. Going to Martha’s Vineyard was like dwelling in the uttermosts parts of the sea. So far from my normal routine.

With my mind now clear. I finally had insight into how to capture my visit to the Gay Head Lighthouse. Still I realized I could not portray what I had seen.

While there I had no clue how to draw the magnificent view I experienced. I had been recording my experience at each lighthouse. Stunned for words. I took in the view and posed for a picture.

Amazed at the beautiful site, I thought about how the lighthouse had recently been moved to keep it from falling off the cliff. A sign said the Gay Head Cliffs were on the National Register of Historic Places. No wonder!

Still so much to say but no words came to mind. The lighthouse move was historic. They said it should be safe for a 150 years. I had gone closer to see the lighthouse. It was still sitting a platform. I drew a quick sketch then returned to the lookout. Startled with so much information to process, I left baffled about what to record for the final painting.

Today, finally I heard God. He had been speaking all along. I was too distracted to hear Him.



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