What is Peace?

Ouichi Gallery

Guests at the 100 Artist Exhibit at the Ouchi Gallery.

With so much violence and hatred in today’s word, I thought I would ask a few guests at the Ouchi Gallery “100 Artists” Exhibit in Brooklyn the question “What is peace?”

Here are the answers to my question, “What is peace?”

“Peace is treating others as we wish to be treated?”
“Peace is friendship.”
“Peace is the Peace sign.”
“Peace is balanced.”
“Peace is the balance of chaos.”
“Peace is calm with no storm in sight feeling at ease with yourself and everything/one/in and around you.”
“Peace is love and compromise.”
“When I think of peace, I think of the color blue-a gentle smooth color.”

Godzilla Seeking New York.

My painting “Godzilla Seeking New York” on display at the Ouchi Gallery.

Thanks to all who answered my questions.


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