brooklyn museum

The Brooklyn Museum.


My kitchen at the Sofia Inn.

I know the mantra goes “I love New York” but if you’re looking for a smaller bite near the big apple, visit Brooklyn. After leaving Martha’s Vineyard, I landed at JFK for a one night stay in Brooklyn. I had googled B&B’s in New York and found the Sofia Inn in Brooklyn a few months ago.

Siofia Inn

My room at Sofia Inn.

I love the Sofia Inn. My room was beautiful and equipped with a full kitchen. The place was immaculate and the Inn keeper readily available. It’s a nice Brownstone and my son quipped that it is near the neighborhood where they filmed the “Cosby Show.”

Prospet Park

Prospect Park in Brooklyn.

Brooklyn is picturesque with street lined trees and blooming flowers.

Water fountain at the Brooklyn Museum.

Water fountain at the Brooklyn Museum.

The Brooklyn Museum was a five minute walk away.

Brooklyn Museum.

I recharged my phone and got transit maps at the Brooklyn Museum.

Nearby you’ll also find the Brooklyn Botanic Garden, Brooklyn library and the Arc de Brooklyn.

Arc de Brooklyn.

A biker waits for the light at the Arc de Brooklyn.


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