Women have Issues at the Widening the Cycle Exhibit


“Death of Fertility”.

Women’s issues take center stage at the “Widening the Cycle” exhibit at Suffolk University Law School in Boston, Massachusetts. The Society for Menstrual Cycle Research (SMCR) and the Center for Women’s Health and Human Rights hosts the exhibit. The exhibit is held during the SMCR annual conference. The opening reception is June 4, 5-7 pm. The show concludes on June 6.

My pastel painting “Death of Fertility” is featured in the exhibit along with other artists.

“Death of Fertility” is about menopause. The woman in this painting ponders her reproductive years. The fertility doll, anthurium flower, stagnant water, Sande statue, and grass skirt provide clues to the hidden messages in the painting. Inspired by Surrealist and Symbolist art, the painting is infused with many symbols the viewer must interpret and discover.

Suffolk Unversity Law School is located at 120 Tremont Street. For details and to preview the artwork, visit http://www.wideningthecycle.com.


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