Godzilla Seeking New York

The 10th Annual 100 Artist Exhibit opening reception will be held on Friday, June 12 from 7-10 pm. The exhibit showcases the work of 100 International artists with the theme of “Tokyo.”

My painting “Godzilla seeking New York” will be a part of the exhibit.

The painting explores the relationship between the United States and Japan since World War II. Two epic centers New York and Tokyo are represented in this painting.

Godzilla’s emergence from under the sea after a hydrogen bomb symbolizes the undercurrents in this relationship. Takashi Murakami alludes to this tension in the book “Little Boy.” “Little Boy” was the nickname of the atom bomb that levelled Hiroshima.

The 2020 Olympiad in Tokyo is a testament to Japan’s prevalence as a major player in the world. The Olympics promotes world peace through athletic competitions among nations. In the words of World Peace founder, Masahisa Goi, “May peace prevail on the earth.”

The 10th Annual 100 Artist Exhibit will be held at the Ouchi Gallery on 170th Tillary Street in Brooklyn, New York 11201. The exhibit is June 13-28 from 12-6 pm. It is open by appointment only on Wednesdays.

For more information on the exhibit, visit http://www.ouchigallery.com.


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