My exhibit postcard

My exhibit postcard for Miami Beach Botanical Garden.

God has given us everything we need to be successful.

I was just re-reading my notes from Potential Church on Psalm 23. Everyone knows this common scripture. But how can it be applied to everyday life? Pastor Troy showed us how. He identified common obstacles to success: scarcity, inconsistency, despair, doubt, fear, and failure. Then Pastor Troy taught us God’s answers to obstacles.

Rest in God’s abundance and not my scarcity. As Dr Stanley puts it “less striving, more abiding.” God provides opportunities for our success. We have to trust His provision. Once I went to Paris, my opportunity for an exhibit came. God is always preparing us for the next big thing.

Live Consistently not inconsistently. When you live inconsistently you are fighting with life. Everything is a battle. When I don’t draw consistently, each project becomes a struggle.

Have hope not despair. Hope strengthens us. Despair wants us to give up. The only way you can have hope in a trial is to believe God has a bigger plan.

Make decisions with confidence not with doubt. Right decisions lead to right outcomes. You are where you are today based on the decisions you made yesterday. As for me, my biggest weakness is not asking the right questions before I make a decision. I fail to count up the cost.

Walk with courage not run in fear. The only way to get to the mountain is through the valley. The valley is dark and full of treacherous challenges. We will only survive the valleys in our lives if we stay close to God. My challenge was working in a job I hated for 12 years. But this job taught me how to pray and understand the business aspect of my art.

Succeed not fail in the presence of competition or challenge. We grow stronger in the face of challenge. When we are too comfortable, we become obese and dull. I hate challenges as much as the next person. But when I am challenged as an artist, I think of more creative ways to do things. Challenges are often opportunities.

The final question is who or what is your shepherd?


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