My painting the "Persistence of Artists."

My painting the “Persistence of Artists.”


Today was a day of closed doors. Sometimes God closes doors for reasons we will never know. It took me all day  to realize I was suppose to be still.

Today I planned on picking up my artwork from an exhibit. As I got dressed, I received two calls that me delayed by a couple of hours.

Then, the printer would not print out directions from Mapquest. So I wrote them down. As I drove down the highway, I noticed four lanes of blocked traffic. I took a short cut but the traffic was still backed up there too.

Finally it occurred to me that I was not supposed to go anywhere today.

I had even read earlier today about a door but missed the message. It seems the artist Josef Albers learned how to paint from his father who painted doors. His father painted doors as if they were paintings.

This reminded me of my painting about closed doors. It’s called “Persistence of Artists.” Persistence verses resistance. Sometimes it’s hard for me to know when to I am pursuing God or just resisting Him.


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