The gator sign

The Gator Sign.

As stereotypes go, Holiday Everglades Park was not what I expected. When my daughter told me it was a fishing camp my mind rolled back to the days of the “good ole boys.” I had driven by the park sign for more than a year and was curious about what lay beyond the sign. Since I had recently decided to start painting and exploring Florida parks, now seemed like a good time to visit. I drove up the two lane road and was greeted by a dam. I braced myself for the worst… As I crossed the one lane bridge, I was delighted to see a scenic park with a breathtaking view of the Florida Everglades.

The Florida Everglades.

The Florida Everglades.

The park was crowded with tourists eager to ride  air boats through the Everglades. It was really what one would expect to see in South Florida. There was much to see and do—the Alligator Show, Animal Encounters, Souvenir Shop, deli, etc.

the alligator show

The Alligator show awaits.

The Animal Encounter.

The Animal Encounter.

The park was well maintained and had abundant parking. I was met by smiles and happy people. Having seen the “Gator Sign,” I treaded cautiously through the picnic grounds.

My "Gator" rock.

My “Gator” rock lies quietly beside the water.

I stopped in my tracks when I thought I spotted an alligator. I even saw his eyes glaring at me. As I looked closer I realized it was just a rock. My day had been full of misperceptions.


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