Pink Lady by Lynda Benglis

Pink Lady by Lynda Benglis at the Bass Museum during Miami Beach Art Basel. Over 70,000 visitors come to Miami Beach Art Basel.

There were some serious and lighthearted conversations at the Arts and Hospitality Breakfast that I attended last week. Jonathan Plutzik of the Betsy South Beach hotel caught everyone’s attention with his remarks. He listed three types of visitors. Guests who care deeply about the arts, guests who hang out with people who care about the arts and others who want to appear that they care about the arts. He talked about the Arts at St. Johns program and how conversations don’t have to be light and superficial but can tackle the difficult issues.

The Arts and Hospitality Breakfast was hosted by the InterContinental Miami hotel in downtown Miami. The breakfast provided opportunities for networking with members of the hospitality industry.

 the Spindle by Henry Moore

The 18-foot, 70 ton Spindle sculpture by Henry Moore is the InterContintental lobby’s signature centerpiece.

The program started with a welcome by Laura Bruney of the Arts and Business Council who stated “the arts have never had a losing season. The arts are a catalyst for business.” She was followed by Elain Connor, Board Chair, Arts and Business Council, who added “arts mean business.” Robert Hill of the InterContinental Miami concluded the welcome. The InterContinental takes the arts to the next level by having an Art curator on staff.

The InterContinental Miami.

The InterContinental Miami.

Oscar Fuentes recited poetry to raving reviews. George Neary of the Greater Miami Convention and Visitors Bureau took the helm for the remainder of the morning. He moderated talks with Avra Jain, Wendy Kallergis, and Jonathan Plutzik.

Avra Jain of the Vagabond Group explained her adaptive reuse approach to development and her vision for the Vagabond Hotel. She “develops projects based on her two favorite pursuits: art and architecture.”

Wendy Kallergis of the Greater Miami and Beaches Hotel Association envisioned developing an arts program for hospitality employees.

George Neary concluded the event by passing the mike to all breakfast participants. Self-introductions provided opportunities for exploring profitable partnerships before the event ended.


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