Amelia Island Lighthouse

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Amelia Island Lighthouse is Florida’s oldest lighthouse. Nestled in a corner near Fort Clinch, you’ll need to call the Parks and Recreations Department to tour this beauty. Otherwise you can visit the grounds on Saturdays between 12-2pm. Don’t depend on locals or signs for directions. Mapquest is your best bet.


Florida Heritage Days at the Ponce de Leon Lighthouse

Florida’s tallest lighthouse celebrates a day of family fun, tours and re-enactment of Florida’s history on March 28.

Designated as a National Historic Landmark in 1998, the Ponce de Leon Lighthouse is located 10 miles south of Daytona Beach.


Wolfsonian Museum in Miami Beach.

Wolfsonian Museum in Miami Beach.

Sketching in galleries is a time honored artistic tradition. The Wolfsonian Museum in Miami Beach hosts a night of sketching on Friday, March 27. The last time I attended all supplies were provided. What’s even better admission is free on Fridays between 6-9 pm.


Miami Beach Lifeguard towers were created after Hurricane Andrew.

Miami Beach Lifeguard towers were created after Hurricane Andrew.

Miami Beach has been around a long time. It has been a popular place for movies and film sets. I was reminded of this when I watched James Bond in the movie, “Gold Finger.” The opening scene was at the Fontainebleau in Miami Beach. According to Wikipedia, it was the first James Bond movie made in Miami. And who can forget “Miami Vice” with Don Johnson and Philip Michael Thomas which brought fame and disdain to Miami Beach. Add to that “Scarface” with Al Pacino as a cocaine gangster.

Miami has seen its share of heartaches with Hurricane Andrew and a host of indictments of public figures.

Miami’s story is America’s story. A city of immigrants, palm trees and turquoise beaches.

Happy Birthday 100th birthday Miami Beach!


je ne comprends pas painting

One of my preliminary paintings from Monet’s Garden, “Je ne comprends pas.”

I don’t understand. Being misunderstood is one of the loneliest and most frustrating things in world.  People say “I don’t understand art but I know what I like.”

Unlike most people, artists are used to being misunderstood. The Impressionists banded together because of the lack of public understanding.

And Jesus often said “Do you still not understand?” How could the disciples and we with darkened minds and hearts understand “The Light of the World?”

Yet it takes faith to follow and persevere when you don’t understand. Je ne comprends pas…


Painting in perspective

I used perspective in my painting “Lessons from a Plant.”

Artists Georges Seurat and Josef Albers used math to reach new heights of artistic creativity. They harnessed the left sides of their brains to power their creativity.

Until a little while ago I was uncomfortable with the left side of my brain. To me it represented something that would hinder my creativity. But as I began doing cityscapes, I realized how my left brain was enhancing my abilities as an artist. It helped me to analyze and compare— two important skills that successful artists implore. I began seeing my left brain as an asset.  Liabilities and assets. Plus and minuses. These are everyday analytical terms that I had once shunned.

“The eye cannot say to the hand, “I don’t need you!” And the head cannot say to the feet, “I don’t need you!”

And I cannot say to the left brain I don’t need you! Biblical wisdom for art.