I am Abraham Lincoln by Brad Meltzer

I got a signed copy of the book “I am Abraham Lincoln” by Brad Meltzer from Books and Books in Coral Gables during a promotion.

Today is Abraham Lincoln’s birthday.

A broadcaster said that the majority of Americans claim Lincoln as their favorite president. How ironic ! Lincoln made some of the most heroic yet controversial decisions that went against popular opinions in his day.

“I am Abraham Lincoln” is the title of a book by Brad Meltzer. The words “I am” have been transformed by popular culture into a challenge and declaration. Some think it all started with “I am Mike Brown” or during the civil rights era “I am a man” slogan.

Meltzer’s book “I am Abraham Lincoln” however is a book for children that speaks to the “hero” in all of us.

With adults clamoring for Legos, super hero movies and t-shirts, it is good to remember that there’s a hero latent in us. Heroism can’t be bought at a store or movie.

After all, God made us in His own image. When Moses asked God who shall I say sent me, God declared “I AM that I AM.” Now, we know where the “slogan” really began.


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