“A romantic stroll on the beach is one thing. However, my painting “Beach Erosion,’ is a stroll into my mind and heart.” I was thinking about my quote and how romantic relationships can often make or break a Christmas if you let them.

Christmas songs promise a “perfect ending to a perfect day” setting us up with high expectations. One of my favorite songs is “Merry Christmas Darling” by the Carpenters. It’s full of sentiment and longing. There is also a note of sadness in this song as well.


My painting Beach Erosion

It reminds me of the turbulent emotions I felt when I did my painting “Beach Erosion.” It was my first venture into surrealism. I call it a hard and poignant look at love because of the meaning behind the painting. The ethereal pastel painting features dreamlike images juxtaposed with various symbols.

I wrote the following poem to accompany the painting:

I don’t get it.

they say the same process

that once created beaches

now destroys them.

likewise it is said that the same force

that often brings people together

frequently pulls them apart.


gradual movements, tectonic shifts.

changed perspectives.

what once bought pleasure

dissipates into pain.


Merry Christmas Darling! Happy New Year, too!


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