Like the “Jolly Old Elf”, each year I make a list. Throughout the year, I track my decisions to make sure they line up with my stated goals. There’s no coal for me if there are more “yays than nays”!

Tracking is also a tool marketers use to measure their success. Surveys are the most common tool. They are often used after the shopping experience.

Retailers want to shape your shopping habits not just measure them. Now your smart phone is also one of the tracking tools marketers use. When you log into a store’s complimentary Wi-Fi, retailers like Nordstrom track the store counters and departments you go to for their marketing data.

Shopping for teddy bear.

Christmas shopping in 2014. Next year the smart shelf will change the nature of shopping.

The smart shelf is another technology being developed to monitor consumer’s shopping habits. Sensors on the shelves will gauge a person’s gender and approximate age to compile data. An “ad” will pop up on the smart phone with a coupon for various items based on the data.

No more mystery shopping!


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