A work in progress. Family Arts and Literacy display for Bass Museum Family Day on Dec 20.

A work in progress. Family Arts and Literacy display for Bass Museum Family Day on Dec 20.

My grandson says my super power is sleeping!

As an artist, I was appalled to hear him say that! Yet I thought about why he had said that. Every day when he wanted to play I would have a snack of cheese and crackers then drift off to sleep.

One night when I couldn’t sleep, I looked up natural foods to help cure insomnia. Crackers and cheese were on the list! Instead of eating them during the day, I would have them as a bedtime snack. My timing was off, I thought.

My timing with other things has been off as well. A man I had been witnessing to ask me to pray for him. He solemnly folded his hands and closed his eyes. I said I would add him to my prayer list and walked off! Later, I realized how absurd I had been. Why did I not see the obvious? Times like these in my life are too numerous to list.

Sleeping at harvest is a common occurrence in my life. Opportunity knocks and I am sleeping.

I thought about this the other day when we were setting up our displays a week before Family Fun Day at the Bass Museum. Family Fun day would be the culminating event for our Arts and Literacy workshops. The families had worked and now their art would be on display in the museum.

A while back when I had received an email notifying me of the set-up date, I grimaced because I had travel plans.

So a few days before the display date, I headed on the highway only to find four lanes of blocked traffic. Tired from a poor night’s sleep, I decided to travel the next day. But as I thought of the set-up date I began to feel guilty. I had planned on doing it later. But sometimes later never comes. Would this be another missed opportunity? Other questions came to my mind. Did I really want to drive 10 hours? Maybe I should check the flights.

I went on Kayak.com. No luck. Then I decided to change the dates to after Family Day. Surprise— flights were $68 round trip! That’s cheaper than the gas I had planned on spending. The choice was obvious.


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