I love Sportacus! I recently discovered him, as I watched PBS’ “LazyTown” with my grandson. Sportacus’ amazing ethics and aerobics captured my imagination. What a super hero! I ditched my favorite super hero, Batman for him. Trading darkness for light.

Yet with a little skepticism, I told my grandson, Sportacus was an actor and the true person could be “ions” away from what this fictional character was. So my grandson, got on my tablet and we googled “Sportacus.”

Much to our surprise and delight we discovered the character and actor were pretty much the same in a lot of ways. According to IMBd website, the Icelandic actor, Magnús Scheving, is an award winning Aerobic Champion and writer. He champions health and fitness.

Scheving is also a marketing genius, he found a niche, and developed it. In 2003 he was voted Marketing Man of the Year by the Icelandic Marketing Association.

Scheving discovered his audience and developed his market by doing schools tours and public speaking. Noticing that parents always asked him about exercise and nutrition for children, he responded by writing a book. He authored a best-selling book, “Go, Go, Lazytown.” He is also the author of numerous best-selling children’s books.

Reaching his market with a bigger scope, Scheving created the television children’s program, “Lazytown.” He espouses his views on health and fitness on the popular program. Like a good marketer, Scheving, found a problem and discovered a solution.


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