Santas Workshop

Build-A-Bear rebrands itself as Santa’s Workshop for Christmas.

Christians need a make over.

We complain about Christmas and the commercialism and refuse to participate in the most joyous of seasons.

toys on display

Reindeer replace bears in this display.

Instead of thanking God for His unspeakable gift, we complain about the commercialism and traffic. True, Christmas supersedes every holiday, but isn’t that really how it should be? God supersedes everything; the heavens cannot contain Him.

Christmas decorations at Potential Church.

Christmas decorations at Potential Church.

Businesses realize their bottom line won’t make it without Christmas and neither will this world make it without Christ. There is no substitute for Him, no matter how hard we try. “365 days of Christmas” is not enough; God is bigger than that. We are not called to relegate Christmas to a season. May our love as Christians shine throughout the year and may God’s glorious kingdom be without end!

Christmas kick off sign.

Christmas kick off sign.




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