South Beach, Florida

South Beach has lots of atmosphere. My challenge as an artist is to document what I see and externalize what I feel.

One of the family art classes I taught was about the Surrealists. This group of artists emerged because they were traumatized by World War II and the destructive nature of man. They wanted to make an artistic statement about the world they lived in and their troubling thoughts. Their perceptions became the order of the day. As a man thinks, so is he.

As for me, my paint brush has become a muzzle instead of a mouth piece. I have not painted anything I am passionate about for some time. There seems to be a disconnect between my heart and my brush.

Teaching art classes help me connect with things I am passionate about—families and children. Yet as an artist I feel like a spectator, that is why I went on a recent art trip. Maybe it would rekindle my passion.

During the art trip, an artist suggested I pray about my disconnect.

Still— I quietly reasoned that it was in fact the subject matter that caused the problem. I was accustomed to doing figurative work and now, I was painting buildings. Drawing on the left side of the brain to compose buildings had silenced my intuitive feelings.

When I left Fort Myers Beach, I returned to my normal activities of preparing for my art class. While picking up a book at the library for the art class, my heart leaped when I saw another book, “How to Draw and Paint Fantasy Architecture” by Rob Alexander.

The author states in his foreword:”The way great architecture becomes part of the environment, integrated with it, or dominating it, capturing, holding, or reflecting the light, so that what was complex, manmade, and possibly sterile or cold becomes instead majestic and awe inspiring.” My prayers were answered!


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