Hideaway Village Inn.

The front of Hideaway Village Inn.

For all my blogging about the mom and pop businesses being threatened by Miami Beach gentrification, it never occurred to me to stay in a locally owned domestic hotel until my Art Trip to Fort Myers Beach, Florida.

Having had a pleasant stay at the L’Hôtel de la Tulipe in Paris, I was open to the idea.

I got a recommendation from the host art organization, visited the website, read the reviews and booked a 5 night stay at the Hideaway Village Inn in Fort Myers Beach. I must admit to being concerned, I had never heard of the place and I was merely taking other people’s word. After all, that is what a review and a referral is when you boil it down. I rarely take anyone’s word for anything! So I packed my own towels, some bug spray and Lysol—praying for the best; preparing for the worst. Thankfully I did not need any of my prep items.

The Deck at Hideaway Village Inn

The Deck at Hideaway Village Inn.

My stay at Hideaway Village was enjoyable and I could see the ocean from the outside deck of the room. On top of that my bed was extremely comfortable; my room was immaculate with a mini fridge, microwave, air conditioning and cable. I can’t wait to go back. The host Joel was hospitable and answered any questions I had.

Fort Myers Beach

Fort Myers Beach, FL

Hideaway Village Inn has a great location near beach access and away from the hustle and bustle of the island. I couldn’t have had a more pleasant stay.

When I travel in the future, I will consider mom and pop accommodations. If you have travel plans, I urge you to consider locally owned lodgings. More research may be required but it is worth the savings and time. When vacationing in Florida, check out Florida Superior Small Lodgings, the local Visitor’s Bureau and TripAdvisor. Book on the local hotel website, it is much cheaper. Do your research. You may find a hidden gem like I did. Mom and pops are the best!


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